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Glaucoma Building Blocks

Episode 2: Laser and Drug Delivery for Compliance Independent IOP Control

Episode 2: Available Online Now (Non-CME)

CME credit for this episode is expired.
Join us for Episode 2 of the Glaucoma Building Blocks Educational Series. In this program, we will review advances in drug delivery and laser therapy for glaucoma including trabeculoplasty, cilioablative, and laser for narrow and closed angles. Each section will start with a short case presented by our moderator. This will be followed by a live panel discussion by the expert faculty to discuss the best treatment options related to the case presented. A short talk will ensue, concerning the featured treatment in that case.

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Thom Samuelson Teaching

Jun 08, 2021

Case 1 Presented

o Treatment Options (Panel Discussion)
o SLT 2021 in view of LiGHT and SAALT trials

Case 2 Presented

o Treatment Options (Panel Discussion)
o Depot Drug Delivery

Case 3 Presented

o Treatment Options (Panel Discussion)
o Cilioablative Lasers: Micropulse and ECP 2021

Case 4 Presented

o Treatment Options (Panel Discussion)
o Laser for Compromised Angels


Thomas W. Samuelson, MD

Thomas Samuelson, MD


Brian Francis, MD,

Thomas Patrianakos, MD

Sameh Mosaed, MD

Sameh Mosaed, MD

Nathan Radcliffe, MD

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