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The ASCRS Foundation wishes to thank the following individuals, corporations and foundations for their generous support of the Foundation.

Premiere Partners

AbbVie Foundation

Premiere Partner

STAAR Surgical

Premiere Partner

2021 Premiere Partner Spotlight - STAAR Surgical

“STAAR is honored and proud to partner with the ASCRS Foundation in helping patients and ophthalmic physicians achieve the visual freedom they desire and deserve.”

Caren Mason, President & CEO


STAAR Surgical is a 2021 Premiere Partner of the ASCRS Foundation, continuing their long-time commitment to the ASCRS Foundation. Their leadership and support helps to make our mission possible. We are incredibly grateful for their commitment to changing lives. We spoke with STAAR about their work and their generous, long-term commitment to our work. Click here to read the interview or visit to learn more.

Visionary Partner

Alcon Foundation

Visionary Partner

Catalyst Partners

Aerie Pharmaceuticals

Catalyst Partner

Avellino Labs

Catalyst Partner


Catalyst Partner

Strength Partners

Carl Zeiss Meditec

Strength Partner

Kala Pharmaceuticals

Strength Partner

Modernizing Medicine

Strength Partner

Sight Sciences

Strength Partner


Strength Partner

Hope Partners

BSM Consulting

Hope Partner

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals

Hope Partner

Neurotech Pharmaceuticals

Hope Partner

Friend Partners

Surface Ophthalmics

Friend Partner


Friend Partner


Friend Partner

Philanthropists, Benefactors and Champions

Anonymous in honor of Steven Safran, MD


David and Victoria Chang


Reay H. Brown, MD


Dahl Family Foundation


Friends of Vision


Kim Family


Kliman Family Foundation


Levenson Charitable Fund


The Richard and Jaci Lindstrom Foundation


George H. Beiko, BM, BCh, FRCSC


Stuart Cumming, MD


Caren Mason


Satish S. Modi, MD, FRCSC


Alexander Musser


E. Ronald Salvitti, MD



2020-2021 Supporters ($500+) as of June 30, 2021


Aaren Scientific

Quentin B. Allen, MD

The Allergan Foundation

Alan D. Baribeau, MD

George H. Beiko, BM, BCh, FRCSC

Don Bell

John P. Berdahl, MD

John G. Boatwright, MD

Hayley Boling, MBA, COE

Reay H. Brown, MD

Jennifer K. Burgoyne, MD

Frank R. Burns, Jr., MD

Thomas Burns

William Cain, Jr., MD

Joyce H. Cassen, MD

Justin Cave

David and Victoria Chang

Julie Cleeland

Barbara Cohen

Charles A. Cole, Jr., MD, MHSA

Michael Colvard, MD

Kevin Corcoran

Sarah M. Covey, MD

Julie Crandall, in memory of Alan Crandall

John L. Crawford, III, MD

Stanley L. Crews, MD

Stuart Cumming, MD

Dahl Family Foundation

Kiju deLeon

Stephen J. Dell, MD

David DeRose, MD

Klaus N. Ditzen, MD

Jack M. Dodick, MD

Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD

Dry Eye Guys

Eckert Wordell

Barry Emara, MD

John Epstein, MD

Paul H. Ernest, MD

Barbara C. Erny, MD

Marjan Farid, MD

Parley D. Fillmore, MD, PhD

Vincent Fortoul, MD, MSc

Warren Foust

John Freund, MD

Friends of Vision

Tom Frinzi

Sumit Garg, MD

Molly Gascoigne

Orlando Gonzalez-Vasquez, MD

Adrienne Graves, PhD

Michael D. Greenwood, MD

Jacqueline D. Griffiths, MD

Grossnickle Foundation

Bonnie An Henderson, MD

Leon W. Herndon, MD

Richard S. Hoffman, MD

William E. Holcomb, III, MD

Edward J. Holland, MD

Gerald Horn, MD

Kerry E. Hunt, MD

Brian A. Hunter, MD

Richard and Carol Hyman


Mitchell A. Jackson, MD

Johnson & Johnson Vision

Darren Jones

Philip D. Kath, MD

Michael W. Kelly, MD

The Dr. Charles and Ann Kelman Foundation

John E. Kennedy, MD

David Kershaw

Terry Kim, MD

Kim Family

Douglas D. Koch, MD

William T. Koch, COA, COE, CPC

Stephen S. Lane, MD

Bryan Lee, JD, MD

Levenson Charitable Fund

Amy Lin, MD

The Richard and Jaci Lindstrom Foundation

Susan MacDonald, MD

Francis S. Mah, MD

Bruce Maller

Nick Mamalis, MD

Caren Mason

Andrew Maxwell, MD, PhD

James Mazzo

Douglas Mazzuca, Jr., DO

Satish S. Modi, MD, FRCSC

Matt Moseley

Alexander Musser

William G. Myers, MD

Stephen A. Obstbaum, MD

Rafael A. Ocasio-Santa, MD

John D. Olkowski, MD

Michael and Lisa Onuscheck

Michael G. Orr, MD

Robert H. Osher, MD

Lisa Park, MD

Reena N. Patel, MD

Lawrence W. Platt, MD

Michael H. Power, MD

Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD

Tal Raviv, MD

Douglas J. Rhee, MD

Sean Rivera, MD

Julie C. Samuelson

Thomas and Carol W. Samuelson

Steven R. Sarkisian, Jr., MD

E. Ronald Salvitti, MD

Scott Shaffer

Debbie and Michael Shepherd Fund

Bradford J. Shingleton, MD

Mitchell C. Shultz, MD

Mitchell C. Shultz, MD

Loraine Sinskey

Russell W. Snook, MD

Cindi and Kerry Solomon

Stuart P. Sondheimer, MD

Steve Speares

Dr. and Mrs. Doyle Stulting, Jr.

Sun Ophthalmics

Audrey R. Talley-Rostov, MD

Anjali Tannan, MD

Michael J. Taravella, MD

Vance Thompson, MD

Richard Tipperman, MD

University of California, Irvine

Denise M. Visco, MD

Mitchell P. Weikert, MD, MS

Daniel R. Whipple, MD

Arlene White

Jeffrey Whitman, MD

Deborah Wu, MD

Elizabeth Yeu-Lin, MD

Allen W. Zieker, MD, PhD

Change lives today. For more information on partnership opportunities with the ASCRS Foundation, please contact Molly Gascoigne, Director of Development at For a complete listing of ways to support the ASCRS Foundation, click here.

*Supporters who have donated $500 or more over the past year as of May 2021

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