Correlation of Facial Anatomy and 60-4 Visual Field Defects in Healthy Subjects | ASCRS
Correlation of Facial Anatomy and 60-4 Visual Field Defects in Healthy Subjects
May 2019
Meeting: 2019 Annual Meeting
Authors: Jackson Abou Chehade, MD; Raymond Iezzi, MD, MS; Cheryl Khanna, MD; Jane Matsumoto, MD
Poster ID: 57265
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Poster Abstract

60-4 visual fields may be useful in detecting early glaucomatous field defects.1 However, peripheral visual field examination may be challenged by variation of anatomic facial features. We aim to study the correlation between Visual Field Testing (60-4) defects and anatomical facial feature structures using gammometry and facial photography.
Testing was performed in normal control subjects and included slit-lamp examination, retinal examination and glaucoma screening with OCT-RNFL and GCL imaging, and facial photos, including 3D photos and facial scanning gammometry. If both eyes were determined healthy, the patient was included in the analysis. Automated 60-4 visual field testing was performed using the Humphrey Field Analyzer using a size V target. Patients with normal ocular exam and retinal and ganglion nerve fiber layer oct were included in the study. Facial photos and facial gammometry scanning were correlated with nasal peripheral 60-4 defects.
In a patient with a normal ocular exam, dense bilateral peripheral 60-4 nasal defects correlate with facial photos and gammometry demonstrating prominent facial structures such as the nose.
Variation in facial structure may result in visual field defects and can be correlated using facial photography and facial gammometry. Use of facial photography and facial gammometry may be important in distinguishing peripheral field defects related to ocular pathology from visual field defects related to facial structures.
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