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Apr 05-08, 2024

ASCRS Program 

The ASCRS Main Program is widely regarded as the most focused, exceptional clinical education for anterior segment surgeons. Featuring essential education within a comfortable environment, this meeting transforms the educational experience into an exceptional peer-to-peer, knowledge-sharing event.

Attendees of the ASCRS Annual Meeting:

  • Expand their networks
  • Collaborate with colleagues, peers, and industry
  • Earn CME credits
  • Bring back actionable knowledge and pearls to improve their outcomes and, ultimately, patient care.


Step Up to the Podium at ASCRS 2024

Share your expertise, data, technique, cases, and more at the 2024 ASCRS Annual Meeting, the largest U.S. meeting dedicated to advancing anterior segment surgery.

Abstracts are being accepted July 24 through October 9, 2023. Learn more and submit here.


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"ASCRS is the meeting where I learned all of the new techniques and technologies that I now utilize since finishing my training. The opportunity to interact with the innovators, inventors, and expert clinicians has been critical to my acquisition of these skills.”
Doug Rhee, MD, ASCRS President

The ASCRS Annual Meeting is a must for any anterior segment surgeon who is looking to stay up-to-date and ahead of his/her field. The world-class faculty and diverse formats of education (subspecialty days, symposia, paper sessions, instruction courses, skills transfer labs, etc.) provide ample opportunity for every beginning to advanced practitioner to take back practical pearls to augment his/her clinical and surgical practice. The meeting also provides the ideal environment to interface with industry and engage with the latest developments in technology and to receive critical updates in practice management. Most importantly to me, this meeting offers the quintessential venue to network with colleagues in a planned and spontaneous fashion, which often lead to lasting and precious memories and experiences. The FOMO factor has kept me coming to this meeting ever since I attended my first ASCRS meeting as a senior resident.
Terry Kim, MD, ASCRS Nominating Committee Chair

At no other meeting can you learn from as many A-list international faculty with a focus on anterior segment surgical essentials and innovation.
David F. Chang MD, Chair, ASCRS Foundation International Initiatives

The ASCRS Annual Meeting provides the greatest clinical-based education for anterior segment surgeons. For those in training, residents, and fellows, the ASCRS meeting with its mentorship and practice development education can be a wonderful springboard for the advancement of their career.
Marjan Farid, MD, Chair, ASCRS Cornea Clinical Committee

The ASCRS Annual Meeting has been the single most impactful activity I have done to grow practice and career.
Vance Thompson, MD, ASCRS Treasurer

I have attended the ASCRS Annual Meeting my entire career and consider it to be instrumental in shaping how I practice. The world-class faculty and varied learning formats have allowed me to acquire new skills and to stay informed about cutting-edge developments in the field of ophthalmology. I always come away from the cataract complications and video sessions with an essential pearl that I can immediately put into practice. The small room format for instruction courses allows the opportunity to network and speak with experts in areas of interest. In fact, networking has been one of the great benefits of ASCRS.
Cathleen McCabe, MD, Chair, ASCRS Refractive Surgery Clinical Committee

The reason I have always loved attending ASCRS is because, as an anterior segment-focused surgeon, the entire meeting, at every moment, there is something going on that can help my practice, whether it is in the clinic, the OR, new papers, administrators, billing/coding. Every second of the meeting, I can find something that will benefit me and my practice. … In addition, I can touch and see and try the newest innovative technology all in one place at the exhibition hall. While ASCRS is large, it's focused on what I do on a daily basis. So it is comprehensive but focused at the same time for the anterior segment practice.
Francis Mah, MD, Advisor, ASCRS Cornea Clinical Committee

ASCRS is the one meeting, since I started practicing ophthalmology almost 30 years ago, that is reliably focused on me and my practice as an anterior segment surgeon. While virtual education has come a long way over the years, there’s nothing quite like face-to-face interaction and networking time with peers and industry. Being able to actually touch, feel, and often demo the latest technology is another unsurpassed benefit of a live ASCRS meeting. Our business is relational. I always learn valuable pearls in expected venues and through spontaneous discussions that occur with surprising frequency at the ASCRS Annual Meeting.
Kerry Solomon, MD, Chair, ASCRS Foundation Domestic Committee

The ASCRS Annual Meeting is the one meeting where I can gain the most comprehensive anterior segment educational experience, keep up to date on novel technologies and innovations, and network with colleagues and industry. Their commitment to high-quality, core, and nuanced surgical education is bar none, the best meeting of the year for me.
Elizabeth Yeu, MD, ASCRS Incoming President

ASCRS is the meeting where surgeons always learn something that improves their daily practice!
John Berdahl, MD, Chair, ASCRS Membership Committee

The annual ASCRS meeting is the best place to find valuable clinical and surgical pearls—pearls that you can take back to your practice and implement immediately. I learned about clear corneal cataract incisions, topical anesthesia, astigmatic keratotomy, pupil stretch, pupil expansion rings, phaco modulations, every sort of specialty lens implant, light adjustable lenses, refractive index shaping, and too numerous to count other things by attending this meeting every single year since 1989. You won’t get this wealth of practical education any other place.
Kevin M. Miller, MD, Chair, ASCRS Cataract Clinical Committee

The ASCRS Annual Meeting is one of the largest ophthalmic meetings in the world with an emphasis on improving the surgical skills and outcomes of anterior segment surgeons. I have attended this meeting every year for over 25 years and I always walk away with at least one pearl that has made the cost of the meeting and the brief time away from my practice well worth it. It is THE meeting NOT to miss every year.
Richard Hoffman, MD, ASCRS Past President

When I finished my training, refractive cornea/cataract surgery and MIGS did not exist. These are important to patient satisfaction and are practice builders that most ophthalmologists never learn during their residency. ASCRS and the Annual Meeting has been the crucial organization and educational event that has provided my practice and me with the resources to succeed in providing the best patient care. That is why I attend the Annual Meeting every single year.
Eric Donnenfeld, MD, EyeWorld Chief Medical Editor

The ASCRS Annual Meeting is the meeting dedicated to the needs of anterior segment surgeons, and ASCRS is focused on being an ultimate resource and community for all surgeons, also highlighting young eye surgeons. Not only does it provide the amazing clinical and surgical educational opportunities in various formats, but it also offers endless networking opportunities throughout the meeting. It has been my favorite ophthalmology meeting since I was a medical student, when I joined the ASCRS family!
Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD, Chair, Young Eye Surgeons (YES) Clinical Committee